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A Wrentham Apartment Community with Work Life Balance


On one hand, it’s not healthy to have no goals, no ambitions, no primary drives to succeed in life; yet on the other, it’s not healthy to be so dedicated to a goal that you neglect your own personal needs and desires. Our luxury apartment community at Alexan Wrentham lets residents find the right balance between work and recreation right in their backyard, so they can find the happiness that they deserve.

For starters, remote work has seen a dramatic rise due to social distancing and quarantine precautions, yet it’s not always easy to focus in the same spot you relax in every evening. Thankfully, we have our own working station to resolve this issue: we have individual work pods for residents to grab their own tablets and laptops and focus on their assignments, Mac computers for those who may not have the right tech at home, and complimentary Wi-Fi access to connect with co-workers around the world. Need to make a quick ride to the market without burning fuel? Plug your electric car right into our handy charging stations, or grab your bike from our secure repair and storage centers. Make the most of a beautiful summer day by lounging around the toasty fire pit on our rooftop terrace, swimming in our resort-style pool, or grilling a feast in our landscaped courtyard. Finally, pamper man’s best friend in our pet-friendly community and our fully-equipped pet washing station.

Break free from the rut of daily work here at Alexan Wrentham. Sign up for an online or in-person tour of our Wrentham luxury apartment community today.