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Authentic Mexican Cuisine Minutes Away

interior santa fe burrito grill

There is a unique simplicity to luxury few can experience. Go beyond the hype of luxury commercials and discover how helpful and comfy the right home can be. Alexan Wrentham luxury apartment homes offer an exclusive lifestyle that focuses on you. Find the right number of bedrooms to fit how you choose to live. Each layout is spacious and inviting. Share your good life with a party – your friends will love your new place. Make your long weekends better than every with relaxing community amenity spaces. Catch up with neighbors after a long week. Share your stories, listen to theirs, and have a great time. Best of all, you can share all you have explored in Wrentham. Did you know you can find authentic Mexican cuisine just minutes away? What other gems with your find when you gather with friends? Come home to the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine Minutes Away

Sometimes a specific craving hits, and only one thing can satisfy. When you want Mexican cuisine, make Santa Fe Burrito Grill your standby. This Franklin staple is just minutes away and worth the trip. They have their fans. Sam K. shares on Yelp“It’s one of those places that you order as you go down the line and tell them what do you want in your burrito or bowl and pay at the end. What’s cool about the place is they actually have alcohol, you can buy beers, and margaritas even though it’s not the type of restaurant that there are waiters to serve you. You order everything you want at the counter and choose your own seating and take your food to your table. You also have to put away your items once done eating. I ordered a bowl and it was actually quite tasty. They also have dessert…flan.”

Find authentic Mexican cuisine minutes away from Alexan Wrentham, luxury apartment homes. The life you want lives right here.