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Spend the Day with Utter Stress Relief in Wrentham

Stress is a burden no one likes to be saddled with, which is why it’s important to spend a day or two in a week or perhaps a month to yourself. You can indulge in your hobbies, sleep in, spend time with people who don’t emotionally drain you, and perhaps even go for some physical pampering. Thankfully, our luxury apartments and our great neighborhood at Alexan Wrentham allow you to do all three with ease.

The Tiger Lilly Day Spa is a highly-rated day spa and massage parlor in downtown Foxborough that dedicates its services toward your own well-being and health. It’s located only five and a half miles away from our luxury apartments in Wrentham, so you can drive to your appointment and unwind in under fifteen minutes. There are dozens of unique facials, body treatments, and...

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Wrentham apartment community

Joy Under Any Weather in Our Wrentham Apartment Community

Every season has potential for fun. Winter, for example, brings a cascade of powdery snow perfect for taking leisurely strolls to admire the silver scenery or for building the ultimate forts for snowball fights,...

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modern Wrentham apartments

Chic‌ ‌and‌ ‌Modern‌ ‌Wrentham‌ ‌Apartments‌

Some folks want some aesthetic and style to their home, while others like having some modern tech and accessories to add convenience to their comfort zone. Here at Alexan Wrentham, our modern Wrentham apartments have...

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Three-Bedroom Wrentham Apartments

Gloucester: Tremendous Three-Bedroom Wrentham Apartments

Three is a magic number, and a three-bedroom apartment is no exception to this rule. It can give a small family enough space to live comfortably, especially when the kids have outgrown sharing rooms; it’s perfect...

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interior santa fe burrito grill

Authentic Mexican Cuisine Minutes Away

There is a unique simplicity to luxury few can experience. Go beyond the hype of luxury commercials and discover how helpful and comfy the right home can be. Alexan Wrentham luxury apartment homes offer an exclusive lifestyle that focuses on you. Find the right number of bedrooms to fit how you choose to live. Each layout is spacious and inviting. Share your good life with a party –...

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