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Newport: Wrentham One Bedroom Apartment with Class

It takes more than a few rooms, a roof, and basic amenities to make a home. It takes the pure drive to make things as comfortable as possible, the atmosphere to invite in all your guests without a single word, and the class to stay timeless within your own memories. Here at Alexan Wrentham, all our luxury apartments strive for perfection, and since we have so many floor plans to choose from, it’s easy to find the right fit for your needs.

Single residents, couples, and those who want style paired with simplicity will love our Newport one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan. It features at least 758 square feet of living space and unlimited delight in every inch. Right as you enter, the spacious coat closet lets you store away coats and rain gear in a neat fashion, while the...

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American Cuisine to Savor at Home in Wrentham

There are a lot of American classics that we should be grateful for, such as macaroni and cheese, burgers and sandwiches, pan-seared or grilled seafood, and of course steak. Even if the rest of your life has been...

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Wrentham apartment community

A Wrentham Apartment Community that Keeps You Connected

During this time of social distancing, connections are more important than ever. After all, a video call with your family and friends bridges the gap of isolation, e-mails and conference calls allow companies to keep...

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High-Tech Glamor in Our Wrentham Apartments

During this period of quarantine, technology is our unsung hero. It allows us to stay in contact with our loved ones while they may be miles away from home, to work in the comfort of our living room or bedroom as...

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two-bedroom Wrentham apartments

Providence: Reliable Two-Bedroom Wrentham Apartments to Rest In

For all the variables that life tends to throw at us, it’s nice to have a constant to keep things stable: a cup of coffee you enjoy every morning, the same route to and from work, a home to return to at the end of...

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